Equipment Rentals in Wilson, NC

Whether we’re talking about earthmoving equipment, such as a mini excavator or brush cutter, power generators, or gear for power washing, we always select the best available. Advantage Rental also takes pride in maintenance. You can rest assured that any equipment rented from us will be in good condition and functioning properly. If any particular challenges should come up, you can get in contact with the Advantage Rental team in Wilson, NC. Our staff members can provide advice and assistance.

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Professional Grade Power Washing Equipment

One of the most popular rentals at Advantage Rental is power washing equipment. Quite simply, professional-grade power washing equipment can cut through the grime. Whether you’re looking to restore your driveway or strip off crude from your home, power washing equipment can help. Buying a professional-grade power washing can get rather pricey, especially if you only use the equipment once or twice a year. With Advantage Rental, you can keep costs low while ensuring access to the best power washing equipment and supplies. Many folks already own lawnmowers, and those who don’t can contact Advantage Rental in Wilson, NC. Yet the average lawnmower isn’t enough to get many jobs done. If you’re dealing with thick weeds or need to clear out brush, you’ll need tools designed specifically for the job. Fortunately, Advantage Rental has you covered. Some of the equipment we offer includes:

Stump grinders | Weed mowers | Log splitters | Aerators

Don’t see a specific piece of equipment you’re looking for? Give us a call, and we’ll see how we can help.

Stay Powered Off the Grid

Many events are hosted in areas with limited access to electricity and other utilities. We offer powerful power generators that can be used to keep the lights on and everything else up and running. Our generators are well-maintained and affordable. As professional-grade generators, they can often provide more power and reliability than small consumer power generators.

Other Equipment – We offer other equipment as well, such as trailers, promotional signs, and more. If you don’t see a specific product or service you’re looking for on our website, give us a ring or stop by our store. We’re always ready to assist. If we cannot meet your specific needs, we may be able to recommend another company or individual who can help.

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